WEDNESDAY NOV 16 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

Nothing fast, just cruising

Like to ride and check out the surf

Rob just cruises up and down the Beach road, sometimes with his cousin who has a BMX.
Nothing fast, just cruising. Everyone up here likes to take their time and just roll.

The best part of the bike

The rims; they are a little different and you don't see them up here, the size of the rims and the colour matches up.

Do a bit of surfing

Rob likes to surf so he regularly rides down to check it out but unfortunately working back late today meant no time for a surf as he has to head home and cook dinner. Still, it was great just to check out the large waves at Mermaid Beach that were rolling in.

The best place to cruise

Burleigh Heads Main BeachBurleigh Heads Surf break lookoutBurleigh Heads main Surf break lookout with Surfers Paradise in the distance

“Up and down the beach, that's all I do, jump on and ride, check the waves and go back and surf again”.

Bikes and surf racks

Many of the local surfers have special racks connected to their bikes so they can park the bike and go surfing.

Main surf beach at Burleigh Heads with Surfers Paradise in the distance