THURSDAY SEP 14 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

From president to sponsor

SKCC Crit Club Champs PodiumLeft to right - Robbie Moore, Brad Speller and Jeff Provan 

Jeff Provan, the founder and owner of NEOMETRO, wanted to continue to support his beloved St Kilda Cycling Club (SKCC) after stepping down as president 10 years ago. He achieved this by showing his continued goodwill through supporting racers and events.

The business side - growing brand awareness and trust

Shimano Supercrit 2016 Matt Keenan - Interview Nettie EdmondsonShimano Supercrit 2016 - Matt Keenan interviewing Nettie Edmondson

For NEOMETRO, they sell apartments which are big ticket items and generally in the industry people refer you, but the awareness and trust is also built through seeing the brand.

Unlike buying a fridge, for example, you will generally discuss with your friends when buying an apartment and if you are known; that's a good thing. So, having a familiarity with the brand is important.

Building for cyclists - consistent messaging

SKCC - Supercrit_Jeff-Provan, Simon Gerrans, James PaneSKCC Supercrit - Jeff Provan congratulating Simon Gerrans with James Pane

Jeff identified that supporting cycling events is the future with the global growth in cycling which has been a perfect fit with his apartment buildings in influencing the design.

SKCC Club Crit Champs April 2014 Jeff out the front - SKCC Club Crit Champs April 2014 

Drawing on his knowledge and passion as a cyclist can help by taking into consideration things like bike security, access to and from the building to better cater for cyclists in the design and facilities.

The latest project, Jewell Station, is focused on bikes being located on a bike path and located close to the city so the Jewel Project is aligned with sponsoring cycling events.

Cycing sponsorship is growing

Companies like RACV are seeing the growth of cycling and especially what's happening in European cycling with the major banks and investment houses interested in the cycling fraternity. There are now more corporate sponsored rides and events by lawyers and accountants who are focused on community engagement and employee health through to networking.

This is flowing on to the end of trip facilities for bicycle commuters which are amazing with Telstra spending in excess of $1 million.

Sponsorship of Team Rouleur

Team Rouleur

For Jeff, it came about 20 years ago from a group of guys who formed this little group of 'Grognards' and ‘Wannabes’; so, if you're over 50 you are a Grognard and under 50 a Wannabe.

The term Grognard came from the Napoleon days of retired French generals who used to sit around grumbling, groaning and whinging all of the time. Team Rouleur have a big range of riders from their early 20s to mid-60s and they all ride together.

It's a bit of fun, going away together and travel, it's a NEOMETRO Team but it's more about Team Rouleur than the brand. Most Saturdays see the team getting together whether for a ride or entering a race or event as a team.

It's about looking after those who look after you

Plus, Harpers Kitchen also has a small sponsorship of the team so they support the cafe once to twice a week for coffee and breakfast. It's a way to get a group of guys together on a regular basis.

For more info about NEOMETRO and Jewell Station:

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