MONDAY OCT 14 / 2019 / by Andrew Talati

Tim and Digby - start of the Rapha Ride Melbourne

There’s a quote that says that a man’s soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog, and this goes for our rider Tim who is mostly accompanied on rides by his one year old, soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, Digby. They love riding together, going across the terrains, enjoying scenic views, and of course, spreading a smile on faces that come across them.

Meet Tim’s Riding Mate - Digby

Rapha - Melbourne - Dogs-in-the-bunch - Moonee-Ponds-Creek-path

Tim riding with his 17.2 kilos mate Digby at the back of his bike is a sight for sore eyes. Anyone who sees it cannot help but smile at the duo. Tim found Digby at a dog’s show and knew right away that he belonged to Tim. Though at first Tim had no intention of taking Digby out for rides, it eventually happened once he found the right gears.

The initial equipment that Tim used to carry Digby broke when he started growing, but he got an upgraded version like a hiking sack, and there he was, right on the cusp of the old model.  Digby even owns his own pair of glasses.   

Digby loves Riding

Tim was glad once he found out that unlike other dogs who took time to get used to this sort of thing, Digby was a natural. He liked riding from the very first time. For Tim, his ‘crazy dog’ enjoys being close to nature. Digby loves to check out the wind and catch the smells that the wind carries. To Tim’s relief, Digby is not even scared being high up. In fact, he is quite comfortable.

Learning with Each Ride

Rapha-Melbourne - Dogs-in-the-bunch - drain-aero-tuck

Riding is tough enough when done across uneven paths. Even an experienced rider has something to learn from each ride. Luckily for Tim, Digby is a fast learner and with each ride, he too has gained experience. Most of the time, Tim has a comfortable ride except at times when Digby tries to put his paws or his head on top of Tim’s. 

That’s when the balance sort of changes and riding can get a little bit uncomfortable. But with a little adjustment, both Tim and his riding mate are good to go, and though Tim can’t get him to move too much while cutting corners, one interesting thing that Digby does is duck his head every time they go under a bridge even though there’s plenty of room. Perhaps, he feels taller when on the bike than he actually is.

Keeping each other fit

Rapha-Melbourne - back-through-the-melbourne city

According to Tim, Digby has his fair share of sleep and rest in a day but he never misses his walks. He gets at least three walks a day, and he even gets to go to a dog park where he gets to play and wrestle with other dogs. So, Digby gets plenty of natural exercise although nothing specific. Tim, however, makes sure that his dog stays healthy and fit.

Tim, on the other hand, acknowledges Digby’s role in keeping him fit instead. He says that though he gets positive vibes by riding with his dog, he needs to pay attention to his own fitness as carrying Digby is still hard for him even in flat rides. Taking him up the hills serve as good weight exercise for Tim, and it is exactly for rides like this that Tim prefers to keep himself fit rather than getting Digby fitter for the same.

All excited and all set

How to get Digby into the-backpack

Digby doesn’t like it very much when Tim sets off to ride on his own. He is keen when he hears Tim getting ready for the ride, and he is all in for a ride even at early morning hours. When asked about setting everything, Tim says that it takes 10 to 15 extra minutes to ensure that he has got everything, from leashes to other bits, for Digby to make their ride comfortable. 

The main part is to get Digby into the backpack and putting on his riding gear, and he is set for the day. He ensures to go through the safety checks before the ride as Tim won’t be allowed to bring Digby to rides if he returned home injured.

And the fun begins

For Tim, riding with Digby is different than riding with his own kids. It’s a different kind of experience altogether. He loves and enjoys getting close to his dog and obviously loves the looks he gets while riding along the streets. Bringing pets to rides seems like a good idea to Tim although he suggests that riders better start somewhere flat.

Riding is sort of fun in itself, and when you have someone like Digby to accompany you, the fun just doubles. So if you are not yet into it, better start soon for you are surely missing out on some memorable moments of life.