FRIDAY OCT 10 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

Stolen Bike reported on TwitterParking your bike in a safe placeLeaving your bike at CafeCable Bike Lock cut through

While the pre mediated bike thief will have an assortment of equipment to cut and burn their way through your bike locks, it's the opportunistic bike thief who you can detter from riding away with your pride and joy.

The best deterrent for the opportunist bike thief is to reduce the ease of just riding off with your bike when you have stopped for a fuel stop at your favourite cafe, before, during or after your ride.

1.Lock your bike

While it may not be practical to carry a 3kg heavy duty bike lock, there are a few options available that will quickly draw attention to any passer by carrying your bike off into the distance.

Concertina bicycle lock on bikeConcertina bicycle lock closed

The Concertina/scissor style offers a good option between a heavy lock and the lighter cable style

Cable bicycle lock on bikeCable bicycle lock on bike close up

The Cable Style comes in vaious wire cable guages and offers a visual detterent to the quick grab and ride off thief.

2.Keep a record of the bike

While engraving your details (The Police recommend your Drivers licence number, i.e. in Victoria it will start with V) on your carbon bike may not be pratical, keep a record of the bikes serial number on the bottom bracket (The section that your pedals run through) with your local bike shop and insurance company. 

Take photos of your bike and more specifically any markings or unique features or parts to easily identify it to Police.

Datadot bike safety

New technology has produced smart phone Apps that form a central repository of bicycle data, one new entrant is DataDot that users technology developed by Subaru to reduce the rate of car theft.

A special glue is mixed with unique identifying discs that are randomly glued to your frame and registered to a national bike registry database.

Stolen Bike replacement

So hopefully you won't have to go through the process of replacing your pride and joy as experienced by Heath.