FRIDAY NOV 15 / 2019 / by Andrew Talati

Community Building

MAAP HQ - Martin and RaphaelMartin on the left, Raphael in the middle - lime green jersey

Martin came across MAAP a couple of years ago on Instagram where he saw a group of people with the brand’s kit. The first thought that crossed his mind was that ‘they have pretty good kit’. Martin recalls that at that time, it wasn’t easy to find a brand that created well-designed jerseys. 

But what attracted him to MAAP wasn’t just the nice kits – but the community. When he saw all those people on Instagram with MAAP’s kit, he realised that it was more about the culture and experience and a lot more than just buying and wearing nice apparel. To Martin, it was MAAP’s community and the memorable experiences that made him want to be a part of it. 

MAAP – More than just clothing brand

Raphael too has the same reasons when it came to choosing MAAP over other brands. For him, it’s a lot more than just a clothing brand as it brings together people from different areas with a single passion in common. It helps create a space where people might have different mindsets but are bonded by their love for cycling.

As Raphael says, every person sharing MAAP’s experience on Instagram seems to be a climber. He feels that it’s very inclusive and it puts together a great group of riders.

Like minded people riding together

MAAP is like a cycling club where groups of like-minded people ride together. Although Raphael started riding alone, he admits that the fun part of riding was to get to know other people and to explore new trails with them, something that happened more once he became part of the MAAP community. 

He also feels that it’s not just like-minded people that are put together by MAAP. According to Raphael, it also brings together people who share the same level of fitness. When it comes to activity like riding, fitness sometimes becomes an issue when you go on group rides.

Different people have different skills and that makes it tough to keep a bunch ride together. But the MAAP team ensures that the riding group is mostly even on almost all levels, be it mental or physical, and that’s what makes the rides more interesting and fun.

Buy cheap and pay twice

Raphael is one of those customers who like to try a jersey and check it thoroughly before putting his money on it.  He strongly goes with the saying that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. That’s probably why he is beyond buying cheap bike equipment, and the reason he loves MAAP products as they have good quality and do a great job.

Riding with pride

Martin, on the other hand, is a kind of person who loves to ride in pride. For him, wearing MAAP gives him a different air of prestige. He likes to look good when he is out there riding with his group, and thankfully, MAAP perfectly fits in his criteria. 

Martin says that every time he comes to the races in a new jersey, someone would definitely comment on it. He says that it makes him a kind of influencer as he sees more and more people wearing MAAP kits. It gives him a sense of pride as it makes him feel a part of the community.

He also feels elated as whenever he sees a random rider wearing MAAP outfit, it makes him feel a part of a broad family and that he's already sharing some sort of connection with that fellow rider.

An investment in the brand

Both Raphael and Martin have pretty good stock of MAAP kits,  Martin has already made quite an investment as he recalls having at least four jerseys, two long sleeve, a jacket, a vest and a couple of pair of socks. It just shows how easily you can make your audience feel a part of the business by addressing all their needs and giving them a sense of care and ownership of your brand.