FRIDAY OCT 23 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

Sean and his Pristine restored 1984 Pinarello

Sean is the proud owner of a fully restored 8-speed 1984 Pinarello Montello with Dura Ace componentry – brakes, gears, pedals etc.

Riding beside a guy one day, a couple of years ago, Sean and the rider got to chatting and, as it turned out, the other rider was about to move to Japan and was wanting to sell his Pinarello. Being a 1984 model and Sean being a 1984 baby it just seemed like destiny so he jumped at the chance to own it, admitting he knew he’d regret it if he didn’t buy it then and there.

Restored 1984 Pinarello Head stemRestored 1984 Pinarello - Internal cablingRestored 1984 Pinarello - Frame shiftersRestored 1984 Pinarello - Seat stays

And the best bit of having a Pinarello Montello? ‘The feel. It’s the most comfortable bike to ride. Super comfortable. The frame is not super stiff, just really comfortable and it handles well too. I love the cabling – it’s cool. They had it in 1984 but then it took a long time for it to come back. It’s a smooth ride, that’s what I like best.’ The hidden componentry has the cables going into the top of the tube, something which most modern bikes had but at the time cable were exposed.

It’s a super star of a bike bringing victory to Miguel Indurain* in the Tour de France. With Sean it doesn’t get ridden very often – it’s his fair weather bike!

While a fair weather bike only it compares favourably with Sean’s daily ride (C60) – they are both a soft ride.

And he has not yet had to do much to it – ‘I haven’t touched it. I just cleaned it. It gets a tune every now and then but that’s it.’

The Pinarello Montello was a landmark model since it was Cicli Pinarello’s first frame which achieved major pro victories. This model frame was one of the most responsive of the mid to late 80s are won events such as the 1984 Summer Olympics road race, the Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a Espana and stages of the Tour de France. The Montello was known for its brake cable through the top tube, chrome on the drive side chain stay and chrome sloping front forks.

*Miguel Indurain won five consecutive Tours de France from 1991-1995 – the fourth and the last so far to do so.

Cicli Pinarello S.p.A. are an Italian bicycle company founded in 1952 and known for supplying mostly handmade bikes for road, track and cyclo-cross. You can learn more about them at

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