MONDAY AUG 10 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

Maxines Purple Bike

From South Yarra, Maxine’s purple bike is a rocking bike and a labour of love. She started with just the frame and built it up from there. She picked up the lights to match the purple in the fork of the frame and got her fixed cog to be purple as well.

Purple Bike handle bars and brakesMaxines Purple Bike Bar ends

And then I had one brake that was purple. I only rocked one brake when it was fixed. Then after that I think I got the cap from the handlebars and then the purple pedal straps. My crank used to be purple but I somehow managed to bend the head set. I don’t know how I did that.’

‘Too much power, yeah my legs are huge’ she laughs.

Maxine finds the best thing about the bike to be that she doesn’t have to take public transport, and that she doesn’t have to go the gym.

As well as commuting, Maxine rides on the weekends as her preferred way to get from place to place. Not a lot of her friends are into riding, despite her best efforts to get them involved.

‘I started a riding gang called ‘Spokes and Spinsters’ but we haven’t done a ride in a while. I should reinvent that and get it going again’.

After we spoke with Maxine, her beloved purple bike was stolen from a lockup garage in Northcote. And while she has replaced it with a new single speed bike, she’d love to get the purple bike back, and who can blame her.

If you spy this Maxine’s distinctive bike or know anything about its whereabouts please drop us a line at – we’d love to help Maxine be reunited with this awesome purple bike

Update - Maxines new ride

Mottanai Bikes Warburton Trail

Maxine's new ride is from Mottanai -
Built by Coralie – French bike Mechanic extraordinaire.

Mottainai Bike Builder MelbourneBespoke Chainrings MelbourneMottainai Bike handle bars

The chainring is from “bespoke chainrings” and made in Melbourne (check out the swallows etched in it).  The rest of the bike is restored. Complete with wine corks in the cut off handle bars. So nice.

Warburton Rail Trail Ride

This is the Warburton trail ride Maxine did which included a ride back from Lilydale station to Blackburn. Maxine also participated in the Meburn Roobaix on her new Mottainai bike as well,  "She rides really nice – completely different feel to the pake frame".