MONDAY FEB 9 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

Milani fixie bike

Mark rides a track bike around town, yep even to and from work, and in his words it’s ‘fixed, fixed’ ie. no brakes.

He rides a Milani which is a little bit like a Bianchi but with a much smaller production level. Mark built up the H+ Wheel set and has the nice black ionised surface. The bike has Leader Bikes’ forks so a bit of carbon. Apart from that Mark estimates he has spent about $1000 on fully customising the track bike as opposed to ‘spending and only getting a one  Zipp 404 for $1000’ – ha, you wish Mark, try $4000!

Milani Bike crank and chainringMilani Bike rear single fixed gearMilani Bike top tube detailMilani Bike downtube detail

The pedals are equipped with Cinelli toe straps which he finds ‘ a little bit better than riding around with road cleats cause you can wear shoes and literally hop on and off the bike. And with the pull up factor with the straps, you’re never going to come out of them as opposed to the cleats. You can dial them (cleats) up to a higher spring tension but there’s always going to be that risk of popping out of them on the upward pull when you do some serious braking. Same, same for road riding. It probably builds up your quads in a way in Melbourne that road cycling isn’t going to on the flats and that sort of thing. Probably is the definition of braking horsepower.’

Mark keeps his Milani in immaculate condition, despite it being used every day. So how and why does he do it? ‘Just the love of it. If it’s clean, it’s rolling art as much as it is a means of getting to work. It’s not a hybrid commuter that’s caked in mud. It’s all part of the personality (of the bike).’ 

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