MONDAY FEB 16 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

Riding to daycare Canning st Melbourne

This bike is truly designed to get you where you need to go, and with everything you need for when you get there. In Leonie’s case, that’s dropping off her son at daycare and then work. With accessories, the Yuba allows Leonie to carry her laptop, change of clothes for work, Santos’ daycare bag and even lunch.

Boda Boda Bike front pannierBoda Boda Bike front pannier rain protectionBoda Boda bike cool coloured coded bellBoda Boda Bike rear pannier

The integrated rear rack and love handles lets you pick up a friend, carry home your groceries or do like Leonie does – do daycare drop off and pick up.

And it has green creds too – cork grips, bamboo back decks and optional bamboo running boards. It weighs in at 16kgs and offers hand-hold to help you get it up and down any stairs.

Available in step-thru or step-over versions, the Yuba is great for shorter riders and those needing stability which taking off under load. The Yuba is defined by its stable handling, 8 speed urban derailleur system, easy shifting and the ability to easily add accessories to make it adaptable to your lifestyle.

To suit Leonie’s lifestyle, she has added:

  • The baguette bag
  • Bamboo running boards
  • The bread basket and bread basket liner
  • Side stand and hold-on bar
  • Wheel skirts
  • And of course, the Peanut Shell Baby Seat

Santo’s seat is suitable for children weighing 9 – 22kgs. According to Cargo Cycles it’s a ‘high quality cushioned seat offering excellent side protection, superior construction and stability’ and it attaches easily to the rear platform. Santo probably doesn’t worry about all of that but one thing is for sure – he loves his bike seat and his commute to daycare.

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