THURSDAY DEC 18 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

Laura and Casper the Lekker Bike

Beautiful, cool, tasty, sexy - Lekker

She’s had her current bike for about 12 months. He’s called Casper – named in honour of his glow-in-the-dark feature. Laura got Casper from Lekker Bikes in North Melbourne. Purveyor of beautiful, old, retro bikes, Lekker sorted laura the perfect bike to get her off the really slow ride she had and onto a bike that fulfilled her need for speed and could easily get her to uni in Hawthorn.

‘Lekker was founded to share Dutch riding culture with a country that is becoming obsessed with bikes. ‘Lekker are bikes with strong Dutch heritage, designed exclusively for the Australian rider’, says Lekker founder and Dutch ex-pat Meindert.

The word ‘lekker’ in Dutch means tasty, pleasurable or nice. Originally used to refer to food, but now used widely to describe anything that is beautiful, cool, tasty or sexy.

Lekker aims to provide people with a bicycle at a reasonable price without sacrificing the most important aspects – quality and aesthetics.’

What’s next?

Casper is a 3-speed but that’s about all Laura knows about how it all works although she does admit that she needs to get her brakes fixed.

The glow in the dark is facing and while considering an upgrade she doesn’t want to be one of those people who constantly upgrades her bike. She’s thinking about a custom one or maybe keeping Casper and having a go at putting one together herself. She has friends who source parts on the Internet and end up with a unique bike. She particularly likes the idea of something no-one else has. But that leads to the problem of having a beautiful bike and needing to carry around a big chain. With Casper as he currently is he’s fairly non-descript and rarely draws attention.

There is the option of having two bikes, and Laura has friends that do that, but she not really the type to have a bike that’s like an artefact that’s too special to ride and that never leaves home. So for now she’ll stick with Casper – he’s pretty light and gets her where she needs to go – ‘riding’s the best. And my number one form of exercise.

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