WEDNESDAY MAR 11 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

Zeus single speedZeus Original head stem and barZeus Custom saddleF Moser Road Bike

What makes Andy love the vintage bikes he has?

‘Bicycle design, when you think about it, is such a pared down machine already, the minimalism is really elegant but if you can improve it all the time that just speaks volumes about the human spirit really. Which is to endeavour to make things better and better and make it look better as well – the refinement of it is amazing. I love it. I’m trying to get a bike, when I buy something I want to buy something that is a little bit unusual. The 3V Volumetrica (Masi) is quite unusual in that respect. The Zeus is not common. The F Moser is not common.’

What makes the Volumetrica so unique is that the lugs are internal – so imagine a normal construction with the lugs outside of the tube but with this one the lugs are inside the tube. Building up this monster of a bike – she’s pretty stiff with the oversized tubes – the next step is to track down a SRAM TDF edition group set – yellow and black to match the yellow and black of the bike.  

The Masi 3v was found at the Smith Street Bazaar in one of those vintage shops. ‘It was actually the shop owner’s bike and he was umming and arring about selling it. I said ‘what do you want for it’, he said a grand and I gave him a grand on the spot. I was rapt.’ Andy cleaned her up, added a group set and a custom made saddle from Busyman Bicycles and now she’s been featured in a few blogs.

Update: Andy's Brother Peter is now enjoying the Masi 3v, he is featured on the intro photo

The Masi 3V being enjoyed out on the road

Andy’s favourite bike?

‘The Moser – no question. Pin sharp handling.’ You don’t even have to turn, just think about where you want to go and you’re there. ‘It just feels a lot faster even though it’s heavier than all my other bikes. It’s just amazing.’

Dream bike?

Look Aerolite 795 – some amazing integration. You look at the bike and you don’t see any cables. All internal. They’ll probably get the light integration next. If that’s where they are going to go. It’s reasonable – it’s not heavy for an aero bike either. It’s under 6kgs. What more can you ask for? And it looks sick.’

Look AeroLite 795

Between Andy and his ‘Mrs’ they have 7 bikes – 3 a piece and one that is currently being built and we hear there is also wheels hanging everywhere.

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