Physical Health

Staying hydrated and the importance of sodium loss

THURSDAY JAN 14 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

Making sure that you stay hydrated and the importance of sodium loss.

Brakes pulled on from prolapsed disc - St Kilda Victoria

WEDNESDAY SEP 10 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

At some point most people will suffer from some form of back pain, Jason endured years of the most debilitating and excruciating pain of them all, a prolapsed disc that lead...

Post major back surgery - doc told me to ride - Bendigo Victoria

WEDNESDAY AUG 20 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

After major back surgery, the Doctor's advice was to ride his bike or swim.

When you are told that you cannot ride - you really miss it - St Kilda Victoria

MONDAY AUG 4 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

Peter's story is about how a positive attitude and belief can overcome anything, plus "other riders can inflict more pain than any Doctor".