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Sports drinks and gels - understanding tooth deterioration

MONDAY MAR 25 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

When consuming sports drinks and gels, it's important to understand the impacts of possible tooth detterioration

Bone health and cycling

WEDNESDAY FEB 28 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

Cycling is an has many great benefits for sport, recreation, transportation, community building, physical and mental health. One area that may be overlooked is its benfits to your bone health.

Rise in Arrhythmia in endurance athletes

THURSDAY DEC 7 / 2023 / by Andrew Talati

While many cyclists are involved in endurance exercise, it's important to be aware of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) 

Coronavirus COVID 19 social distancing and cycling in a group

FRIDAY MAR 20 / 2020 / by Andrew Talati

On a daily basis the spread of Coronavus/COVID-19 has been escalating. With social distancing what do you do with your regular group ride?

What to do next after a bike accident

MONDAY FEB 24 / 2020 / by Andrew Talati

We have all experienced or know someone who has been in this situation but what do you do next after a bike accident?


Cycling Towards Race Weight - Perceptions about Weight and Training in Male Cyclists

TUESDAY FEB 14 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

We are looking to study the topic of race weight in male cyclists. Specifically, we are hoping to find out more about their attitudes towards diet, training and weight management in preparation for competition.

Get your back into it

THURSDAY JUL 17 / 2014 / by admin

Being a relatively low impact activity many people consider the legs to be the most significant muscles used in cycling however..