Cycling Tips

Cleaning your bike without water or chemicals

SATURDAY MAY 20 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

An alternative way to clean your bike without needing to use water, chemicals or getting muck and grease everywhere.

What to do in a car accident

SATURDAY DEC 17 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

If the unthinkable happens, what you can do when you are hit by a car?

Keeping dry when its wet - how rain jackets work

SATURDAY SEP 17 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

Keeping dry when its wet when your riding, how rain jackets work 

The best treatment of road rash and skin abrasions

THURSDAY JUN 16 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

Unfortunately an all to common incident is coming off your bike and the infamous "Road rush". Here are 3 quick steps for faster healing.

Socks Simon says you need lots of options - St Kilda Victoria

FRIDAY DEC 12 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

According to Simon, you’ve got to have socks that match your kit or you look like you got dressed in the dark. Bring on the ‘forest of pizza’ socks!

Keeping your cycling shoes looking like new

THURSDAY NOV 20 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

Learn how to keep your cycling shoes looking like brand new with tips from the President of the St Kilda Cycling Club (SKCC).

Bike thefts from cafes - reducing the risks

FRIDAY OCT 10 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

It's sad that the ritual of just leaving your bike outside a cafe after your ride can easily be exploited by an opportunist bike theft, here are some tips to help keep your bike.

How to Pack a Bike bag and protect your rear derailleur

THURSDAY JUL 17 / 2014 / by admin

have you ever unpacked your bike bag after arriving at your destination only to find the rear derailleur hanger is bent? Darius from TFM has a few handy hints.