Bikes Of The Bunch

Sean and his pristine restored 1984 Pinarello Montello - St Kilda Victoria

FRIDAY OCT 23 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

A chance meeting on a ride led Sean to own a pristine, restored 1984 Pinarello Montello which is now his fair weather bike.

Andy – Zeus Masi and more - Melbourne Victoria

WEDNESDAY MAR 11 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

There are 7 bikes in Andy’s house and wheels everywhere but which is his favourite ride?

Matts need for speed - 80 tooth monster - Westgarth Victoria

MONDAY DEC 8 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

Matt’s favourite bike reaches 75 km/h powered by a whooping 80 tooth gear.

Mick and his Timber Bike - St Kilda Victoria

MONDAY DEC 1 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

One of a kind in Australia. All the way from Portland, Oregon Mick’s timber bike weighs in at only 7.8kgs, including pedals.

NZ High Commissioner - Chris Seed and his Wilier Zero 7 - Melbourne Victoria

MONDAY NOV 3 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

Chris Seed, the NZ High Commissioner based in Canberra completed the Bupa Around the Bay in a Day but unfortunately had a scary end to his previous bike.