Wines2Whales event and what keeps people coming back

THURSDAY MAR 28 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

Wines2Whales 2024,  South Africa's Premier 3 Stage Mountain Biking Event Returns through beautiful wineries and landscapes in South Africa.

Bollywood actress Gul Panag creating lifetime memories

WEDNESDAY MAR 27 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

From an Instagram post, cycling Blogger Vijay Malhotra joins a Bollywood star and a small group in cycling to a little known area in Pune, India.

Sports drinks and gels - understanding tooth deterioration

MONDAY MAR 25 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

When consuming sports drinks and gels, it's important to understand the impacts of possible tooth detterioration

Fuelling for long group rides - Sports drinks and gels

MONDAY MAR 25 / 2024 / by

Fuelling for long group rides, the energy requirements, Glycemic Index, carbohysdrate intake and consuming sports drinks and gels

Multi routes feature release

THURSDAY FEB 29 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

In response to feedback from cycling groups, we’re excited to launch the Multiple Routes feature. 

Bone health and cycling

WEDNESDAY FEB 28 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

Cycling is an has many great benefits for sport, recreation, transportation, community building, physical and mental health. One area that may be overlooked is its benfits to your bone health.

The evolution of Rowville Riders from Small Group to thriving cycling Community

MONDAY FEB 26 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

What started as Sunday ride has morphed into a cycling club that maintains their inclusivity and camaraderie

The 3 groups - Individuals - Government - Corporations in building cycling infrastructure

WEDNESDAY JAN 24 / 2024 / by Andrew Talati

When building bicycle networks, there seems to be 3 major groups that need to be onboard, Individuals, Government and Corporations 

Rise in Arrhythmia in endurance athletes

THURSDAY DEC 7 / 2023 / by Andrew Talati

While many cyclists are involved in endurance exercise, it's important to be aware of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) 

The Pink Ride Kenya - Closing the gender gap in Cycling

TUESDAY DEC 5 / 2023 / by Andrew Talati

The Pink Ride is Promoting and celebrating the uptake of cycling by women in Kenya