Privacy Policy

Last Updated: [04/09/2023]

This Privacy Policy explains how Platmon Pty Ltd, acting as trustee for the Bunchrides Unit Trust and trading as Bunchrides, collects, uses, and manages personal information. We may update this policy periodically, and the latest version will always be available on our website.


In this Privacy Policy:

  • Member: Refers to registered User who has joined a ride or team
  • Guest User is a person who has not completed the registration process
  • App: Refers to a  software application designed to perform specific functions or tasks on a smartphone
  • Public: Refers to to a registered User who is not a member of a ride or team
  • You: Refers to you
  • Service, Services: Denotes the services provided by us through the Bunchrides Platform using a website or app
  • Bunchrides, WeUsOur: Refers to Platmon Pty Ltd, acting as trustee for the Platmon Unit Trust, trading as Bunchrides providing the Services
  • Website: The website with its homepage located at:
  • Ride Activity is the GPS data recorded from a Garmin device or recorded using the App


Accessing the Service

For a you to access the Service, you must;

a. Be a minimum of 18 years old
b. Register, Activate your account and create a User account.

We do not allow or have integrations that allow accessing the Service using Third Party login accounts.


Privacy controls 

What you can control

You have full control over;
(a) Who sees your information
(b) What level of information is viewable by you and the Public
(c) What information you receive

Levels of Privacy Controls

1. Your profile 
You have full control  on who can see your profile information and the level of profile information displayed to guests, the public or members.

2. Ride pages 
You have full control on who can see your ride information and the level of ride information displayed to guests, the public or members.

3. Teams pages
You have full control on who can see your team information and the level of team information displayed to guests, the public or members.

4. Email preferences
You can access your account preferences to select whether you receive emails from Bunchrides or Users of the Bunchrides Service for connection requests, ride and team updates.

5. Push notifications
You can access your account preferences to select whether you receive Push Notifications from Bunchrides or Users of the Bunchrides Service for connection requests, ride and team updates.


Collection of Personal Information

We collect your personal information primarily to operate the Service, which includes:

(a) Making data submitted by Registered Users available for sharing with other Registered Users only with your implied consent. 
(b) Collecting the email addresses of individuals who sign up to receive email communications from us.


Information that Bunchrides collects

Identifiable data

The information you supply Bunchrides identifies you subject to the Privacy Controls that you have in place.

What data we collect and who can view

1. User profile
We collect information to create a user account including email address and information to establish your profile including the your name, profile image, age, location area, bicycle information in order to provide Services to you.

2.  Biometric data
We collect your heart rate data from your ride activity data. 

3. Mechanical data
We collect Power output and cadence from your ride activity data.

4. Posts & feed
Guests, Public and all users are restricted to what Posts they can create and view.

5. Private chat/Messaging
Private messaging data exchanged between users.

6. GPS data - ride activities
GPS data is either uploaded to the Website or recorded using the App or their Garmin Device. This data is viewable from the website under the Upload section or under the Activities tab in your profile.
The following information is used to provide the Services to you: start location, data points, elevation, time of ride and distance travelled.


How Bunchrides uses your Data

For us to provide the service to our Users, we used the data collected to Provide the following services:

Ride information

When you create a ride using the Formal ride creation tool accessed from a web browser, we use your GIS data from your recorded ride activity. This data is then used in creating the starting point and finishing point of the ride and is viewable by the Public and other users, subject to the Privacy controls you have in place.


How the media is used
Media uploaded to provide the service is restricted by your Privacy Controls.
The Media provided by you is used in the following modules of the App;

a. Messaging service
b. Ride and team posts
c. Your profile page
d. Team pages you create

Media meta data
We do not use any meta data contained within the media


Location Information 

To operate the service, we use your location when the you have granted this permission to Bunchrides to operate the service for recording an activity, ride, rider and team search.
Bunchrides does not track your location when you are not using the Service.



To access these services, you must be 18 years or over.


Contact list information

We do not access your Contact list nor do we give you the ability to import your Contact list information to use the Service.



We do not use essential or non-essential cookies for you to access any features for the Service.
We do not track your browsing activities to other websites or applications.


Sale of personal data

Bunchrides does not sell your personal data or monetise your personal data to third parties.


Sharing personal data

Bunchrides does not share your personal data or Media with third parties. This includes for the purposes of targeted advertising or monetising Users data.
Our Service is designed to facilitate connections among Registered Users and enable information exchange. Please understand that shared information may be re-shared or copied by other users. 
You can Share your personal information with other Users you select or by using third party applications used for sharing information. This includes applications such as other messaging services or email.



Privacy Policy
We provide advanced notice of any updates to our Privacy Policy.

Marketing communications
We do not send you any marketing communications subject to the jurisdictional requirements of 'Opt in consent' being granted.
You, in agreeing to our Privacy Policy, will accept receiving communications deemed necessary in operating and updating you of any changes or updates required to provide the Service.



Your account is password protected for your privacy and security and stored in an encrypted database.

We have implemented reasonable measures to safeguard your personal data against unauthorised access and misuse. However, it's important to recognise that no organisation can provide an absolute guarantee of the security of your information against unlawful access, loss or destruction, nor can we assure that our systems will remain entirely immune to third-party interception or impervious to viruses.

When you transmit your personal data to us, please understand that you do so at your own risk. It is solely your responsibility to ensure the security of your passwords and/or account information.


Data Retention

Bunchrides will keep your data as long as your account is open to provide You the services and as directed by you.


Deleting your account and personal information

You can delete your account and personal information by going to:

After your account has been deleted, all data associated with You will be permanently removed from our Servers and backups. This process may take up to 30 days from the request to delete your account being completed in full from our backups.

Shared information by Users
Our Service is designed to facilitate connections among Users and enable information exchange. Please understand that shared information may be re-shared or copied by other users. Even if you remove information from your profile or delete your Bunchrides account, copies may remain viewable elsewhere due to sharing or copying by other users. Certain types of communications to other users cannot be removed from their systems.

Search engines
Bunchrides however does not have any control over any User's profile, ride or team page information that has be indexed by a search engine and may published in the search engines search results.
These indexed pages may still display the Users name and cached information until the search engine attempts to crawl the indexed page and finds no results.


Contact us about your privacy

For further information regarding how we handle your personal information, to enquire about or update your personal information held by us or to lodge a privacy-related complaint, please contact us at:

Postal address: 50 Cobden St, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051