Looking for a better way to organise your cycling life?

Bunchrides is a cycling app that helps you find like-minded riders, stay in touch, plan rides and enjoy all the benefits of riding together.

We've spent 11 years understanding the needs of cyclists and the many benefits of riding for you, your loved ones, your community and the planet.

Improve your wellness and the planet

We help you find like-minded cycling buddies for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Journey through the ups and downs of life together and enjoy an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transport.

Organise your cycling life
  • Find and create groups and rides
  • Meet like minded riding buddies
  • Chat with riders, groups and ride leaders
  • Organise and manage your cycling group and/or ride
Bunchrides is for everyone

All ages, backgrounds, abilities, genders, sexualities, religions, hairstyles and wheel sizes are welcome. We’ll help you find your riding tribe.

One platform. Everything you need to organise your cycling life.

Stay connected before, during and after your rides. Be a part of your local and wider cycling community when at home or travelling.

Find your community
Find like minded buddies and discover rides and groups/teams at your level.
Receive notifications
View invites to join a ride or group and requests to connect with riders.
View your profile
Join groups and rides, connect with riders and grow your community.
Message riders
Send and receive messages from riders, groups and rides you’ve connected with.
Schedule your rides
Easily organise your cycling life. RSVP, view all of your rides all in the one place.
Keep up to date
View posts from rides and groups/teams you’ve connected with.
Stories that inspire

Read real-life stories of people who have transformed their lives, helped others or made a positive impact on the planet through cycling.

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Physical Health
Cycling Tours
Bike friendly business
Safety & Education
Active Transport
Charity Rides
Outdoors & Nature
Events & Festivals
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