THURSDAY AUG 18 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

The current situation -  the back pocket

Riders using phone from back pocket Merri Creek trailReaching for the phone after getting lost - they needed to get to Studley Park via the Main Yarra Trail

Quadlock case another rider checking their mobileA rider checking their phone - a tricky T Intersection section where you need to join the Moonee Ponds Creek trail

The solution - New miss a turn with Quad lock

Quad lock case closeup on bikeThis is the same section using the Quad lock and the Bunchrides App - the blue dot is my current lcoation

Quad lock case review at Docklands

One thing I find riding Melbournes bicycle paths is having to constantly pull your mobile out to view a map, having it on your handlebars makes this problem totally obsolete

The Moonee Pnds Creek trail (above) is another tricky section when you get to Docklands as the trail hits Footscray rd with very limited signage to the Capital City Trail.

Will it fall off?

Quad lock case test Maribyrnong River bike path

Initially I was a bit apprehensive about having a recently acquired iPhone 6 delicately perched on my handlebar stem but any concerns were quickly alleviated.

I rode through the old Stockyards located in Kensington, along the original bluestone tracks and the Quad lock kept my phone securely in place.

The case attaches to a patented barrel with a sliding locking action stopping the chance of accidentally bumping it off the top bar.

The case doubles as a protective shell in the event you happen to drop your phone in everyday life but I’II trust the reviews to its efficacy here.

What’s in the box?

Quad lock case whats in the box caseA welcome addition is the silicon type rain cover but, unlike the preceding two weeks’ weather, we had clear skies so I didn’t have the chance to put this to the test. It also doubles as a dust, sweat and mud protector. 

Quad lock case whats in the box O RingsEverything you need is included plus a few spare rubber O rings.

Getting started

Clever design makes it fairly straightforward without needing to consult any instructions however there is an easy step by step installation guide included.

You have the option of using rubber O Rings to attach it to your handle bar stem if you plan on removing it often or cable ties for a more permanent approach but, in any case either option provides a very secure fit.

Removing and attaching

Quad lock base on handlebar stem

For those who have used a Garmin for years, performing the removal process 1000s of time, moving to the Quad lock is like changing from Look Keos to Shimano SL pedals; after a few times it becomes second nature.

It begins by depressing the locking system to release/open the locking mechanism followed by a small twisting action to remove or attach your phone.

Made super tough

Quad lock case testing at the cobble stones -  Kensington StockyardsQuad lock case testing at the cobble stones -  Kensington Stockyards

The case is made of two impregnated materials, a softer TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) for the main phone case and a harder Polycarbonate used for the locking housing. The bike mount consists of a Polycarbonate for the main cap and collar with the base using glass filled nylon. And, for extra strength - stainless a steel spring, nut and bolt. Lastly, a molded rubber base (Soft TPU) keeps the whole unit firmly in place on your bike.

The negatives

None really, it worked flawlessly and being 5 years since its initial inception has undergone many design improvements and upgrades to accommodate the latest phone designs, you can be assured in the coming years the Quad lock will become your phone’s perfect companion.

Other products in the family

Product range from Annex

Annex (the company behind Quad lock) have extended the locking system to be used in other applications such as a wind screen mount and tripod attachments for using your phone while filming or for photographers using the self-timing function or better image composition.

After starting to use the Quad Lock case I found myself seeing the cases on coffee tables at cafes; it’s like when you by a new car, suddenly every car you see on the road is a similar make and model.

For more info and where to buy

Note this is a sponsored product review and the opinions are expressly my own.