TUESDAY FEB 9 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

Loop Troop Group

Formed about four or five years ago (the guys couldn’t agree) the Loop Troop is going from strength to strength based on the core philosophies of safety, humility and respect.

Loop Troop Sunrise BoulieLoop Troop St Group together Richmond Boulevard

The guys have regular Thursday (Boulie Loop) and Tuesday (2HB/Pencil Loop) rides as well as bigger group rides such as the Mega Loop, Super Loop and Transfers where they jump on the train, disembark, ride a loop and ride the train home again. One such Transfer took in the views of Kingslake and covered around 200kms, including riding on gravel. Whatever they do, you can rest assured it will involve a loop.

While all riders are welcome many of the rides are best suited to the top half of the riders in terms of ability.

Loop Troop supporting one another

Loop Troop may have grown over the years to include new members, new group rides, new kit but some things have remained consistent; the during the week loops, the support, the love of riding, the lack of egos and the fun. We have witnessed this first-hand, seeing riders support and encourage each other when the going got tough. “Well we’re all mates, we look after each other”. Most of the rides have a ‘no drop ride’ policy or even when there is a stretch we they go hard, there’s a point at which they wait for the riders to regroup before continuing on.

Loop Troop Kew Walmer St

This is a bunch ride built on the desire to not have ego and division, but an environment of inclusion. Even with smaller groups of mates within the larger group, together they are stronger and together they are an inclusive bunch.

Learn more about Loop Troop here: bunchrides.com/teams/looptroop