SATURDAY OCT 8 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

We all live westside 

Fight Club CC Williamstown Pier

The Fight Club CC (Cycling Club) came about as a group of riders who lived across in the west were looking for an alternative to ride locally rather than travelling across to St Kilda as "we all live around this area".

So Katie 'Queen' Quinn thought it was about time we organise our own little ride and after chatting to ‘Super' Sam Gartner, thought it was a great idea to come to Katie's side of town to do something different to their regular Beach Rd to Mordialloc and back.

From little things big things grow

Fight Club CC Altona Beach massive bunchPhoto courtesy of John James @Johnny1512

So from humble beginnings of just two riders, they were quickly joined by John James to be with just 3 - 4 riders during winter. After that the bunch has grown steadily as word has gotten out to 14 riders on today’s ride (28th Sept).

After a few years the time had come

Fight Club CC Kensington saleyards bridge

Katie moved to the west over two years ago but until recently, within the past 6 months of chatting,  Sam suggested he could ride over and give the girls a bit of a sleep in so after overcoming the mental obstacle of riding in the wild, wild west (laughing) that's when things start to become successful.

So for Sam, seeing a 4 (4:30am) in front of the alarm clock is the least Sam could do once a week (riding across to Footscray) and it's totally worth it with such a good crew.

Fight Club CC - Rule #1

The name was inspired by the movie featuring Brad Pitt as they just wanted to make it a small group ride so it was about not contravening the Rules of Fight Club (the movie) and keeping it hush hush and not talking about the ride.
The first rule of fight club is not to mention Fight Club and the second rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club (both Katie and Sam repeating in sync) so it seemed quite fitting for the ride name.

Great roads for riding

Fight-Club CC Altona Beach cornering beach

The local area is great for riding with big wide roads with bike lanes and everything is pretty interesting to look at while offering a great variety and most importantly less cars which makes it a lot safer; it’s the better Beach Rd.

The city skyline and sunrise

Fight Club CC Altona Beach SunrisePhoto courtesy of John James @Johnny1512

While on the return journey from Altona, the views across the bay to the city skyline, the ships, the boats and sunrise are absolutely spectacular and it’s a better sunrise westside (I experienced this myself - Ed)

An adventurous hilly ride

Apart from their original Wednesday ride to Altona, there is a hill alternative ride on Thursdays when we're feeling quite adventurous but the original is the favourite of the bunch.

Different ride in different areas on different days

By only organising two Fight Club rides per week it keeps it fresh and it’s a bit more motivating knowing that one day you can do hills, another the flats then another on the other Beach Rd (Bayside).

Everyone looks out for one another 

Fight Club CC Altona Beach great companyPhoto courtesy of John James @Johnny1512

Lots of laughs, lots of good people and a good quality ride, very enjoyable so there may be some riders who are friends of the regulars so the rules have been broken. It’s very inclusive so everyone who turns up is known to someone in the group.

Fight Club CC Group together in Seddon

This way everyone is at a similar pace and ride level plus the all ride together however, if the group does break up at least someone is looking out for you as you notice someone is not there. This adds to the safety of the group as well as everyone hates to be left out by themselves.

Its not a smash fest

You're not going to get dropped in the first 500m but they have built-in alternatives into the ride for ways the riders can reconnect with the main bunch if they lose contact.

The little man looks after us

The Little man cafe in Seddon

The Little Man cafe in Seddon looks after them; the coffees are delivered quickly, taste great and have nice snacks plus a great big table. Especially the name is fitting for Super Sam, little man, big heart!

The Little man cafe Fighting DinosaurPost Ride checking out the Fight Club Pics
Coffee stop post ride

Then its back to work....

Fight Club CC Commute to cityFight Club CC heading back to work

Fight Club CC Original Route

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