Father and Son - Bonding, socialising and exploring cycling together

FRIDAY NOV 15 / 2019 / by Andrew Talati

Young Tate and his father Nick reguarly share time on the bike while socialising and exploring together.

Bringing smiles to the bunch - Tim and Digby

MONDAY OCT 14 / 2019 / by Andrew Talati

Tim joining the local bunchride with his one year old, soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, Digby.

Jeff Provan and NEOMETRO supporting local cycling - St Kilda

THURSDAY SEP 14 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

Jeff Provan's love of cycling has helped support local cycling club and events

The Melbourne Eight Legs - The Spiders - years of riding together building bonds for life

THURSDAY SEP 14 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

What started off as 4 mates entering a time trail event has grown to building lifetime bonds

Broke the Habit riding to work rain or hail - Carlton Victoria

MONDAY JUL 17 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

After sitting in traffic once too often, Jacquelin has now permanently broken the habit and rides regulary to work

Hawthorn Tri Club Mario Cart Team showing the softer side - Melburn Roobaix

MONDAY JUL 17 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

For Hawthorn Triathlon Club entering the Melburn Roobaix as the Mario Cart Team shows a softer side

Tour de Lygon - common interests forging lifelong friendships - Carlton Victoria

MONDAY JUL 17 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

A group of dads with their children attending the same primary school forms that basis of lifelong friendships

Napier Park Riders - NPR inclusive for riders young or young at heart

SATURDAY MAY 20 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

From small beginnings Napier Park Riders or NPR has grown to be a very social and inclusive group whether you are young or old

Credit Card Tour - getting everyone back together - Tasmania

WEDNESDAY APR 12 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

The whole thing was fantastic; the laughs, the wow everywhere, incredible climbs, amazing descents, magnificent mountains.

Rule number 5 - everyone sticks together Hampton Victoria

SUNDAY APR 9 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

Competition, companionship and the humour; for the members of Rule #5 it's an extended family.