TUESDAY OCT 17 / 2017 / by Andrew Talati

12 years from taking over

Brown-Cow-cafe-hampton-with-owner-JulianJulian Rowell on the far right with the OTR crew

For Julian Rowell, it started 12 years ago when he took over the Brown Cow Cafe. Being an avid cyclist, he did a bit of riding himself and decided to create a cycling kit for the Brown Cow which he sold through the cafe.

The history of the Brown Cow group dates back to the members from the old Brumby's Bakery group in Hampton St, Hampton after the original owner moved on.

Getting it out there

Brown Cow Team

Initially the kit was promoted on the Brown Cow website and through seeing Julian wearing the kit on Beach Rd, and with people commenting on how they liked it plus there were not many cafes that had their own kit.

A lot of people wanted to have one associated with the Brown Cow.

Growing in popularity

Its popularity resulted in running out of stock regularly so after a few of the key players behind the Brown Cow Cycling group suggested they wanted to change the design of the kit so Julian decided to hand over the reigns and contribute money to the kit.

Contributing to the local cycling community

Rule Number 5 Brown Cow cafe HamptonRule Number 5 are regulars at the Brown Cow cafe Hampton

Julian has been very generous in making contributions to the local cycling community which has resulted in the Brown Cow being recognised as one of more popular cycling cafes Bayside.

Sending out the friendly message

By local riders seeing the brand on the Brown Cow cycling kits they know that they are always welcome.

Building loyalty

The great thing is that the riders support the Brown Cow in return for the support that Julian has given to the local groups.

Just seeing the image of the Brown Cow

For many riders just seeing the image of the Brown Cow brings the immediate recall of the Brown Cow Cafe, the same way people see the Swoosh logo and know its Nike.

Something I enjoy myself

For Julian the support of the local cycling community is something he enjoys himself even though he doesn't get out on the road as often as he would like it wasn't a chore or committment.

Very different from 12 years ago


In the beginning there may have been half a dozen riders on a Tuesday morning to now you can have 50 - 60 during the warmer months between 6:30 - 7:30am plus it's a fun time of the day with the banter between the different groups, CTX, OTR On the Rivot) THC (Terry Hammond Cycles) and the Brown Cow groups.

The Brown Cow is located at 382 Hampton St (cnr Small St) Hampton.