SATURDAY APR 16 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

Phil Liggett Glenelg Beach

Riding with others keeps you motivated, inspires a bit of healthy competition and ensures you stay accountable. 

Many of us may be runners or participated in team sports and whether its the knees, hips or other injuries, maybe even years of the good life catching up, you decide to purchase your first bike.

Why we ride NRR Start

After a few solo practice rides (and getting used to the cleats) you may find people in your local neighbourhood also ride or you meet new people on a regular route you take. Being cyclists, everyone is super friendly and before long you start to meet regularly at the same location on the same day and time.

Tour de Lygon Why we bunchrideYarra Boulevard Yarra-River CX bikes
Tour de Lygon Why we ride Warrandyte

It's great to share the adventures and have the social connections plus the support and encouragement. Riding on your own is harder whether you're starting out or a seasoned rider, those small hills can become massive mountains, 50kms feels like 100kms or the repetitive buzzing of the clock radio at 6.00am when it's dark and cold makes an insurmountable task out of just placing the feet on the floor.  

Loop Troop supporting one another

The bunch will encourage and help motivate you; working together you can travel greater distances, enjoy the camaraderie and banter and speak openly in a safe and supportive environment.

Loop Troop Boulie

For many people it can be time out away from the daily grind and rituals of life, the exhilaration of travelling in unison  like a well oiled machine, the wheels humming, the air gliding past your body and that moment when everything comes together for that perfect ride. It's a similar feeling to catching that perfect wave or nailing that new song on the guitar; it's an amazing experience.


Scone Loop Emerald Twist Cafe

Plus, at the end of the ride you get to reflect and continue the conversation at the local coffee shop and for many people the bunch ride is the bit in between their house and the cafe.

As a newbie you can always learn form the more experienced riders and, in turn, help support those learning the art of riding together safely.

Shared involvement, shared passion for cycling and shared horrible weather conditions all combine to create a bond. The group gets you out of bed in the morning; provides the motivation, inclusiveness, the sense of belonging, the feeling of community and appeases that FOMO (fear of missing out).

So get started bunch riding and you’ll never look back