WEDNESDAY AUG 27 / 2014 / by Andrew Talati

NRR Long - heavy Fog before we started - Aug2014NRR - Long heavy Fog the Start of the ride in brightonNRR Long - heavy Fog at MordyNRR Long with Charter MasonNRR - Long heavy Fog passing SouthlandNRR Long - heavy-Fog at Mt-Eliza

Every Wednesday morning at 5:45am, 100+ riders meet for the start of the North Road Ride (NRR) which splits into 3 distict rides, the regular "Short" , the "Turn at the Church" and the popular "Long" with many variants depending on your level of fitness or time constraints to get back to the office.

The main bunch re-groups outside the small group of shops and waits until the last rider has completed the Two Bays Climb.

We were lucky to riders from two NRS teams on the ride, Charter Mason racing and African Wildlife Safaris Cycling team.

NRR Long -  African -Wildlife-Safaris Mt-ElizaNRR-Long heavy Fog eventual Clears Aug2014As the sun rose higher in the sky, the fog burnt off to reveal the most amazing winters day.

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