TUESDAY JAN 6 / 2015 / by Andrew Talati

CoA on the Yarra Boulevard before heading CX

Normally these guys come out for a Thursday morning ride – along Kew Boulevard (The Boulie) along the Yarra, or some other pain inducing activity but they decided to mix it up the day we caught up with them and ‘get some dirt under the wheels’.

As Nathan explained, ‘Some people used to ride dirt, some people have never ridden dirt, so it was just a chance to bring those worlds together’.

No criteria for bikes – just whatever you ride, whatever you turn up on – that’s pretty much it. That said, Nathan did however spend all night modifying his fixed gear – he changed the pedals. Asked about the chain tension and whether or not it was alright, he had this response, ‘Apparently it was too tight as we left but the person who was saying it was too tight actually dropped their chain so I thought that was ironic. Mine was quite good till I flatted (tyre puncture) then it turns out it might have been a little tight just to get my wheel off.’

CX Yarra Boulevard going off roadFrom the Yarra-Boulevard to off road along the Yarra-River on CX bikesYarra Boulevard CX Flat Tyre Group SupportCoA FGCX Crash Sequence

The highlight of the off-road ride?

‘Aside from all the sweet skids it was probably Sackman coming off. I hear it was a front wheel wash out and an over the bar dismount.’ While they all joked that they would have to review the footage (which apparently was available from two different camera angles), the level of difficulty for the dismount, was looking at a provisional rating of 9/10. Don’t worry Sackman, their day will come and hopefully that will all be captured from two different video camera angles too!

Yarra Boulevard CX heading through Dight FallsKew Boulevard navigating the stairs back to the cafe

So what’s the next ride?

‘I’m actually not going to work now. I’m just going to go back out on the trails cause it’s just got the juices flowing.’  Um, no Nathan, the question was more about your next ride, you know, another day! Take 2 – I’ll probably have to ride home cause I have to get home somehow.’ Take 3 – ‘Get out on the trails on the weekend’. We have success! Seems getting some dirt on the wheels has left Nathan ‘absolutely inspired.’

Their usual ride – the Yarra Boulevard or the "Boulie" as it's affectionately known by the local riders.

The Yarra Trail or Yarra Boulevard is a scenic riverside path from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to the CBD. Starting at Westerfolds Park in Templestowe and finishing at Southbank, this trial has a good track condition and spans 33kms.

You can find more information about this trail and others at www.visitvictoria.com or download the Bunchrides app for free at www.bunchrides.com This app can help you organise a group ride or join a group ride as well as tracking your progress and connecting with other cyclists in your area.