THURSDAY JUN 16 / 2016 / by Andrew Talati

Birthday boy himself Grant in the bunch on Beach Road

Riding with four guys earlier in the week, Grant announced that since it was his birthday on the Friday that it should be turned into a birthday bash ride, a chance to share his passion for cycling with his mates. And that’s exactly what he did. 

Birthday boy himself GrantBirthday ride sharing the passion with my mates

The birthday bash ride was the combination of two big bunches that Grant rides with and organised through the power of social media. That, and the fact that Grant bribed them all to come along with the promise of free coffee and that he’d wash dishes to cover the tab. 

Born in South Africa and raised in Australia, Grant finds a strong connection to his past within his cycling community. He rides with both South Africans and Aussies but the South Africans make up around 80% of his riding cohort. It all started with just two of the guys taking up riding and the rest following. And the incentive? That cycling and riding in a bunch, are great ways to keep fit.  And so the numbers grew from there and formed a little community all its own. 

The South African bunch ride is Ama Ama Push Push yet no one can remember where the name originally came from, not that it matters anymore; the connection within the group transcends any name. 

Birthday bunch ride with mates at cafe

The second group that Grant rides with is a new group formed by the creator of Cycle Leash and again represents the main thing he loves most about bunch riding; the comradery. With his healthy attitude towards cycling and bunch riding Grant is able to ride regularly with bunches or find another bunch to ride with, like the North Road Ride. And that’s the beauty of bunch rides; there’s always a group heading out that would be happy to have you ride with them.

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